Public Speaking & Presenting

Why is Public Speaking important?

Hand-in-hand with writing, public speaking is an essential skill in academics, business, and life.  No matter what career or field of study you pursue, peers, mentors, and audiences will always value and respect the ability to speak clearly, informatively, and persuasively.
For many students, public speaking presents one of the most daunting challenges throughout their academic career.  After all, public speaking is an act of performance, and performing, the act of “putting oneself out there,” is an inherently vulnerable activity.
With thorough preparation and just a little bit of confidence, though, anyone can learn to compel an audience with their ideas.

How can a tutor help you with Public Speaking and Presenting?

Seahawks Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Russell Wilson is known for the motto “Separation is in the preparation.”  While there are a few differences (and just a few) between NFL Football and public speaking, Wilson’s principle applies equally to both activities; like quarterbacks, the public speakers who stand out from the crowd are those who dedicate their practice to preparation.
In the practice of preparation, a tutor can be your trusted ally.  Much as coaches work with athletes to refine their skills, technique, and tactics, a tutor can help you refine every part of your next presentation from reviewing and organization content, preparing visually effective and informative slides that complement your speech, revising written drafts and speaker notes, and rehearsing and polishing your vocal presentation to help you feel as confident as can be when you step up to the podium.

Tutors Who Can Help With Public Speaking & Presenting

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