Our Mission

The Hyperspace Tutors Logo: An orange apple flying through a dark blue latticework tunnel.

Hyperspace Tutors strives to inspire lifelong learners by uniting students with tutors who promote a profound curiosity and passion for knowledge.

Even for the most dedicated students, the pace of academics in an increasingly virtual learning environment can be overwhelming, discouraging, and difficult.

Hyperspace Tutors is here to bridge the gap.

As a partnership of recent Ivy League graduates, we understand the challenges of academics today. We aim to meet every student wherever they are on their academic journey by re-focusing the virtual environment on its most fundamental principle: connection.

Our logo depicts the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, a theoretical "hyperspace" passage that redefines the nature of space and time to connect points across vast distances not otherwise traversable.

In the spirit of hyperspace, we work to make our virtual assistance available to you or your student in the space and time of your choice.

Our Story

Gabe and Joel met as aspiring physics students living on the same floor of our freshman college dorm. In the ensuing years, a shared passion for learning led us to find opportunities on campus and around the community to teach and spread the joy of learning.

Independently, we have each worked on and off as private tutors teaching math and science from the middle school to college level. After collaborating on a virtual introductory Special Relativity course for high school students during the online Fall 2020 semester, we decided to combine our pedagogical efforts.

As a result, we present Hyperspace Tutors.

Joel Meyers and Gabe Matos standing together in light blue graduation gowns, arm-in-arm.  The sign behind them reads “Pupin Physics Laboratories.”

Since launching Hyperspace in July of 2021, we have steadily continued to grow our reputation with clients in New York City  (in person and virtual) and Seattle (virtual), and we are always looking to expand our reach!

The students and families we work with have consistently valued our dedication to serving each student's unique learning style. You can read some of their reflections here.

In January 2022, we began to grow the Hyperspace roster with tutors we know and trust in order to offer students greater access to a variety of subjects and tutoring styles. You can meet some of the tutors we work with here.

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