Pricing & Services


  • For standard tutoring services, we charge a fixed hourly rate and bill per session
  • This means no up-front costs and no commitments: you pay for each session after it has been completed and are free to discontinue tutoring at any time
  • The hourly rate for each client will be determined prior to signing a tutoring contract and will be based on subject and particular client needs
  • Hyperspace Tutors reserves the right to alter the hourly fee upon written agreement if the details of the subject and/or client needs changes
  • We offer SAT/ACT tutoring at our lowest flat-fee of $75/hr
  • Most of our sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom. Depending on location, some tutors may be able to offer in-person services. Note that all in-person sessions have a $10/session travel fee.
  • For an hourly quote based on your subject and tutoring interests, please fill out the Contact Form below!

Group Sessions & Pricing

  • Want to form a study group? We offer discounted group rates
  • If clients wish to sign up as a group, each will be billed individual for each session, but will receive a discount of $7.50 times the number of students in the group up to 50%* off the would-be individual rate
  • For instance, if a group of 4 signs up for SAT/ACT tutoring , each member of the group will receive a $30 discount on the would-be $75/hr individual rate
  • *The discount cutoff is determined by the 50% of the individual rate rounded to the nearest $5; for instance, the discount cutoff on a $75/hr rate would be $40/hr

What to Expect


  • Want to work with us? Fill out the contact form below or send us an email at ! Let us know what subject(s) you or your student would like to work on primarily, and tell us a little bit about yourself/your student. If you would like to work with one of us in particular, include that in the email as well and we will do our best to accommodate tutor preference dependent on subject and availability.
  • If you would like to have a free consultation by Zoom or phone before sessions officially start, we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you and/or your student to get to know you a little better and talk through how we can best be of service.

Before your session

  • If possible, send your tutor the name (or, better yet, a copy) of any materials you are using, including textbooks, prep-books, class handouts, etc. a day or two in advance so that we can be prepared to help you!
  • Most sessions will be conducted via Zoom: your tutor will email out a Zoom link 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Make sure to join the session at least 5 minutes before and have all your materials (notes, paper, pencil, etc.) ready to go so that we can hit the ground running!

During your session

  • Different students like to work with their tutor in different ways. If you already know what is helpful for you, great! If not, here are some examples of ways we work with students:
  • Reviewing notes for an upcoming exam
  • Reviewing old tests/practice materials to learn from previous errors
  • Doing practice problems in real time together (students reviewing for standardized tests often like to do "mini" time trials of 5-10 questions and then go over any mistakes with their tutor right away)
  • Discuss study habits and strategies
  • Brainstorm ideas for an upcoming essay or project
  • Proofread an existing draft or a section of a draft together in real time
  • Use the session as structured time to work on homework with a guide there to point you in the right direction
  • Important to remember: your tutor is not an answer key! Sometimes, we won't know the answer right away either. If a question comes up that we can't answer in the session, we will think about it and get back to you by the next session. You can help us help you, though, by sending any materials you are working with ahead of time.

After your session

  • If you request additional practice material during your session, you can expect an email from your tutor with that material within a day or two depending on the request.
  • We bill on a bi-monthly basis (usually the 1st and the 15th of each month). You will receive a pdf invoice by email for all sessions in the previous two-week period, and payment will be due within 14 days of the invoice date via either Square or Venmo, whichever you prefer. Each session fee will be accompanied by a short blurb about what we covered in that session. Also included in this invoice will be a feedback form that you can fill out at any time if you would like to let us know what is or is not working for you (you may, of course, email your tutor or at any time as well).

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