Academic Mentoring

What is Academic Mentoring?

No matter who you are as a student, sometimes it’s comforting to have a helpful eye looking over your shoulder to help make sure your homework gets done, your assignments get turned in on time, and your schoolwork is organized in a way that best suits your learning style.  Especially as schools move to more online, integrated learning platforms such as Schoology, Canvas, or Blackboard, academic success depends on mastering not only material in the classroom but also the organizational demands of modern learning.

An Academic Mentor can help steer you and/or your student through the confusing and increasingly technical learning environment.  Need help setting up a calendar that will reliably keep you on top of all your upcoming due dates?  Having trouble getting all your assignments in the expected format to submit online?  Just want someone to talk to about study habits?  An Academic Mentor can help you learn to manage all of the above and more competently and confidently.

Most importantly, an Academic Mentor serves to take the pressure off families trying to make sense of ever-shifting platforms and learning practices.  We know that students and parents alike lead busy, demanding lives, and school life should support rather than distract from everything else.  Having an Academic Mentor to step in and help make sure all runs smoothly beyond the classroom takes a load off of parents’ plates and gives students the peace of mind that someone is there to guide them when they feel overwhelmed.

Do you think an Academic Mentor could be of help to you and/or your student?  Contact us below to get connected with an Academic Mentor today!

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